Small Pain Fiber NCS Certification

Department of Health & Human Services

April 19, 2001, SEC 410.32 (b) 1861 (s) (3) 77(a)

Certification by a nationally recognized medical organization is required to bill for any type of Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) Medicare 2006.

LCD: Physicians and therapists without NCS certification may be subject to review of the technical quality and accuracy of their interpretations.                                                                          

AASEM is the only medical organization certifying providers in small pain fiber NCS electrodiagnosis.

To qualify, the doctor must be actively using pf-NCS in her/his practice and must be certified before any staff members can be certified. Fill out the certification application and send with $350 fee per doctor. If you recently purchased a device please call the manufacturer, since you may qualify for free certification. After the AASEM receives the application and fee, the examination materials and included step-by-step instructions will be emailed.

The doctor’s initial certification is for 1 year. During that year the doctor may attend an AASEM workshop where CME credit will be awarded along with 5 year certification. At the workshop the doctor pays the 5 year AASEM dues ($250 per year = $1250). Also, at the workshop, staff members accompanying the doctor can receive certificates of training. See below for fees. Consult the manufacturer to see if staff members are eligible for a reduced fee. Conference dates will be emailed to doctors posted on this website a few months prior to the conference.

Please complete the certification application: 

Email all questions to 

Small Pain Fiber NCS Certification Application

Certification & Membership Fees

Annual AASEM dues (Doctor, PA and NP): $250 USD

Doctor Certification: $350 per doctor

Technician certificates of training (must attend workshop with doctor): $250 each