Small Pain Fiber NCS Certification

AASEM is the only nationally recognized medical organization certifying providers in small pain fiber nerve conduction study (pf-NCS) electrodiagnostic exams (EDX).
Department of Health & Human Services
April 19, 2001, SEC 410.32 (b) 1861 (s) (3) 77(a)

Certification by a nationally recognized medical organization is required to bill for any type of Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) Medicare 2006

LCD: Physicians and therapists without NCS certification may be subject to review of the technical quality and accuracy of their interpretations.
Qualifications: Providers must be actively employing the pf-NCS.

Cost: AASEM Membership & Five (5) Years pf-NCS Certification $1250.

Free: One staff member can receive a Certificate Of Training when accompanying the provider during the 5 Year Certification Workshop.
Where: Workshops are held in major U.S. cities throughout the year. For locations and dates call Support (949) 497-5296

Three Certification Steps

1. Forms:

a) Fill out the Certification Application

b). Sign the Ethics Pledge

c). Complete the Initial Written Exam

d). Mail the above along with the doctor's picture, copy of state license and check or money order for $1250 payable to the AASEM to:


P.O. Box 600

Laguna Beach, CA 92652

2. AASEM approved Certification Training Videos come with pf-NCS devices. Watch the videos and read "How to Perform the pf-NCS" in the manual. After practicing on a few staff members, call (949) 715-3275 to review the test with the AASEM Certification Coordinator, Dr. James Hedgecock If satisfied, Dr. Hedgecock will send a letter of Provisional 1 Year Certification.

3. During the year attend a two (2) day AASEM 5 Year Certification Workshops. There is no attendance fee. The only cost is for travel and room expenses. One staff member may attend free of charge. Additional staff members are charged $250 each.

Certification & Membership Fees

Annual AASEM dues: Doctor, PA and NP $250 USD

Doctor Certification $350 per doctor for first initial year
Technician certificates of training (must attend workshop with doctor) $250 each

Certification Application (PDF File)

Need help? Forms? Questions?

Call Support (949) 497-5296